The Best Wearables 2018 – Smartwatches, Sunglasses, Sound Enhancers are straight out of Sci-Fi. There are Augmented Reality Sunglasses – a sophisticated execution of smart glasses. Think Andy whispering detail information about guests to Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada. “Hearables” enhance your ability to hear speech in noisy and crowded places and can selectively tune in or tune out the world around you with superior noise control technology. The wow factor is they can detect a person’s name and return all information available for the subject to you in real time through wireless wearable computing earpieces that enable voice input and return results audibly to your ear. There are re-designed smartwatch stars of past years with upgraded features to accommodate our increasingly mobile lifestyle.



The LG Watch Sport is the brawny and brainy smartwatch that’s able to keep up with all of your gym workouts, and smart enough to make calls and use Google Assistant with or without your phone in tow. It has the best specs of any Google watch so far and runs Android Wear 2.0. We’d only like it better if it had longer battery life and more apps. Phone calls (US only) require a SIM card

The Gear S3 looks and feels like a real watch, but does more than a regular watch and without requiring any extra effort on your part. The features that already exist on a watch, the bezel, the crown and the crystal, can be turned, pressed or tapped for convenience, fun and pure freedom from your phone. You don’t need your phone with you. There is a built-in speaker that lets you make or take calls right away on the device.

Forerunner 645 Music measure crucial running metrics that you can use to analyze your performance. Forerunner features Garmin Pay contactless payment, which lets you pay with your watch. With up to 500 songs worth of music storage (up to 500 songs) built into the watch, you can workout to your favorite tunes.

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Vuzix Blade looks like sunglasses with a modern design but they are sunglasses on steroids. They are augmented reality glasses that connect to a smartphone and project information on a small display in the upper right lens. You can view news, read messages, get directions.  You can even take photos with your sunglasses.  Since it is a holographic projection, it is possible to see everything happening in your surrounding environment.

The Huawei Watch is a unique to make Android Wear watches look more like and actual watch and less like a gadget. It offers a fully circular always-on display, microphone and speaker for handling calls, and a heart-rate sensor for connecting with your favorite fitness apps. The battery promises to last a full day no matter what kind of day you have.

Nuheara’s IQbuds Boost create a unique hearing profile by evaluating how you hear the world and calibrating your IQbuds for a better listening experience. Enhance your ability to hear speech in noisy and crowded places. Selectively tune in or tune out the world around you with Super Intelligent Noise Control technology.

Amazfit Bip is a budget smartwatch that bears more than a passing resemblance to Apple Watch. It cost under $100.  Other than its familiar looks, the big thing the Amazfit Bip has going for it is its 30-day battery life. Well, 45 days if you cut out some features, but 30 days is still impressive compared to the competition – and it’s price point.

This new iPhone-compatible smart ring, Motiv, is sleek, chic, and sophisticated. At just 8mm wide and comes in rose gold or slate grey finishes of titanium. Plus, there are seven sizes to fit both male and female fingers. Inside it’s a fitness tracker that will monitor steps, distance, active minutes, heart rate thanks to an optical heart rate monitor. The battery lasts five days and it’s waterproof.

LVL simultaneously senses your hydration, heart rate, and activity to help you optimize every workout. It prompts you in real-time, alerting you to exactly how much fluid you need and what type of performance boost you can expect.

Shima by LAFORGE Optical is stylish and unobtrusive smartglasses that actually considers how humans will interact with it—whether they’re wearing it or not. Shima looks like a nice pair of eyeglasses on their own. To the onlooker they appear benign, but as the wearer you have access to a robust heads-up display (HUD) that provides you with notifications, music controls, fitness and driving data, and more.

DigiOptix Smart Glasses enable you to record videos or take photos with the built-in HD camera. The eyewear also has Bluetooth connectivity allowing for phone, navigation and music output. One key value-added feature is the powerful gesture control function. You  can simply change a song, adjust the volume or answer a phone call by touching the frame.

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