We already know, if not necessarily except, that many of us lead less-than-optimal lives physically, mentally and spiritually.

We allow ourselves to be stressed and we rarely deal with situations in a calm, centered, considered manner.  Many of us make poor dietary choices which contribute to an agitated mental and physical state.  Add to this the bombardment of negativity we encounter daily due to no fault of our own.  Just think about today’s headlines.  Now, how about those negative issues you may have created for yourself.  How do you control the only thing in life you can:  YOU.

If you want balance in your daily life, try the approach that has worked for millenniums.  No newfangled novelties needed.  Use YOUR body, mind, and soul to balance your body, mind, and soul.

How do you use your mind? Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist? How often do you find yourself going over the worst case scenario in your head?

These are the type of things you need to look into as you try and find peace and balance in your life. The hardest part of this is trying to really look at your way of thinking from a different aspect – if you generally have a negative outlook, you will see this as a “realistic” way of looking at the world. If you are trying to create mental and physical balance, then it’s very difficult to do so if you aren’t prepared to make a mental change. Negative and positive don’t mix.  You cannot be in a negative space and expect a positive life.

How do you treat your body? Your “temple” needs to be looked after spotlessly, like your most valued possession because it is.  It needs to be treated with care – you need to eat nutritional foods and take in healthy fluids – and you also need to stay fit so that your body is never working in overdrive. So long as you keep yourself physically fit and eat healthy food prepared healthily (deep fried tofu – uh no), you will find that your life is much easier to begin to balance.

How do you keep yourself inspired and alive in this world? What drives you? What is your spiritual guidance, should you have one?

This is another big part of the body changing and adapting to what you need and what you want. Being able to know where you pull your strength and motivation from can be a very powerful method for moving forward in the future – you need to be able to share your positive energy and upbeat perspective with other people, and the only way to feel good about doing this is if you are a fine picture of mental and physical balance yourself!

Living a more comfortable and balanced life is something everyone can do – there are always circumstances and parts of your life, your mind and your body that you can change today . It’s not hard to do and it’s something that you really should consider – the benefits for feeling more mentally and physically balanced are incredible, and can bring enliven you with a positive perspective that will permeate all you do.

Use Your Body, Mind, and Soul to Live Your Life!

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