We strive to eliminate toxins in our environment yet we aid and abet toxins in our life.  Painful memories, negative people, contrary thinking, self-doubt, self-sabotage, self-pity are as hazardous to our quality of life as any noxious chemicals.

There is no value in living in the past.  SPOILER ALERT:  it stays the same.  No amount of could’ve, would’ve, should’ve will change the outcome.  Your time and energy are better spent living in the present – no matter how large the footprint of your past.  It’s not healthy for you to stay in the same space – whether good or bad times.  At some point, you have to live in the Now.

The same is true for people; you can’t change anyone but yourself.  You can’t control anyone’s actions but your own.   And you definitely cannot conquer someone else’s negativity with your positivity.  If anything, you will get pulled under as with quicksand.  You can’t be in it and not of it.

If you feel uneasy about something or someone, there’s always reason to be.  Call it a Higher Power (I do), sixth sense, or sensitive digestive system; it’s your finely-tuned defensive mechanism alerting you to potential danger.  Many of the situations that steal our joy could have been avoided if we heeded the warning signs and eliminated the toxic substance with quickness.

How many times have you said “if only I had followed my mind”… “something told me to not go there” …“I knew something wasn’t right”???   Too many to count, but you put more confidence in others than yourself.   Who can you trust more than yourself?  Stop self-doubting; you have good instincts and clarity of judgment because of the perfect, purest protector dwelling in you.  Just be mindful and have the assurance to use your voice within.

I know of wench I speak.  For decades, I was loyal, supportive, and forgiving to a woman I thought was a friend.  Over the years, I had doubts about her reciprocity.  I knew she was not trustworthy with her other friends, but I fooled myself into believing I was the one person she was truehearted.  I was wrong on two fronts.  First, I assumed her other friends were somehow less deserving of loyalty than I.  Granted I knew nothing about these people other than what my “friend” told me.  Still, for me to think I was the chosen one, I had to think I was better in some aspect.  Secondly, I was aghast when I could no longer deny she was my nemesis.  (How could she betray me!)  Yet, it hardly caused a stir in me when she did the same to others.  My own arrogance was as toxic as her behavior.  If I followed my inside voice and not my alter ego, I would have avoided years of deception.

Stay tuned to your thoughts where toxins are rooted.   Pessimism will overtake you like overgrown weeds.  We know that a small, even pleasant looking weed will consume anything in its path. Unless completely eradicated, weeds continue to grow and wreak havoc and even then you have to remain vigilant. – just like with negative thoughts.   Contrary thinking about yourself, relationships, current state, future prospects (self-sabotage I have termed it) is the root of many of our problems.  For as he thinketh …, so is he.  Proverbs 23:7

We should all work toward a future with total elimination of man-made environmental toxins.  You and I can create a toxic-free zone in our life today.

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