The Top 2017 Wearable Accessories so far this year are a feat in form and fashion. Finally, you can do good, feel good, and look good – even while sleeping. There is smart jewelry that looks like, well, jewelry – and not lame “Get Smart” gadgets. Fine Swiss watch design and technology is paired with innovative smart technology to create classic timepieces for the 21st century. One new element, particularly promising to me, is the PANIC feature on many of the newer devices. You can alert family, authorities when in distress and GPS will automatically forward your location – GENIUS.

I love this description. Need I say more. “Whether you take your steps in 3-inch heels or 3-piece suits, vívomove gives you the luxury of all-day activity tracking without losing style.” The elegant timepiece tracks steps, monitors sleep and syncs with Garmin Connect™ Mobile to view your stats in more detail.”  You have to have style – always!

Now compatible with Android and iOS, the Samsung Gear S3 has bold style, intuitive rotating bezel and great battery life, and GPS.   Samsung’s impressive proprietary platform, such as S Health, means strong 3rd party apps aren’t essential for a fulfilling experience, as they are on major competitors.

Ringly is widely regarded as the leader in the smart jewelry arena because their smart jewelry looks like, well, jewelry and not “Get Smart” gadgets. Ringly has kept it simple, with no screen, just subtle notifications from your smartphone, allowing you to choose what comes through – email, texts, social reminders from apps. Plus you can even choose just to hear from certain people.


Withings’ hybrid smartwatch uses an analogue face as front for backend smart technology. And unlike the host of similar hybrids, Withings has really crammed in the tech. As well as accelerometer-based step tracking and sleep monitoring, the Steel HR has a heart rate monitor that measures bpm 24/, and  an impressive 25 days of battery life.

This new iPhone-compatible smart ring, Motiv, is sleek, chic, and sophisticated. At just 8mm wide and comes in rose gold or slate grey finishes of titanium. Plus, there are seven sizes to fit both male and female fingers. Inside it’s a fitness tracker that will monitor steps, distance, active minutes, heart rate thanks to an optical heart rate monitor. The battery lasts five days and it’s waterproof.

LVL simultaneously senses your hydration, heart rate, and activity to help you optimize every workout. It prompts you in real-time, alerting you to exactly how much fluid you need and what type of performance boost you can expect.

Tracks your location sends an alert to friends, families and emergency services when you want to put out a distress signal. A hidden recording feature can also capture audio which could be helpful. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


The Huawei Watch is a unique to make Android Wear watches look more like and actual watch and less like a gadget. It offers a fully circular always-on display, microphone and speaker for handling calls, and a heart-rate sensor for connecting with your favorite fitness apps. The battery promises to last a full day no matter what kind of day you have.

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