Buh Bye Barcelona Beige, Sayounara Sahara Sand,  Arrivederci Alabaster.

Neutral interior design does not have to mean neutral colors.  You can achieve a calm, soothing living aesthetic with rich hues and textures.  No you don’t have to chuck your current expertly, expensively, and timely neutral decor.  New paint does wonder to transform a room. Accessories strategy places will alter the mood and receptivity the entire space.  The introduction of a statement create a whole new vibe in any room. Neutral interior design with Color!

Transform a plain “white room” with bold color accents. Short term rental, corporate apartment, in-law suite, and you can not make major, permanent redecoration.  Spice up any bland, boring, abode with vibrant bedding and accessories – you can take with you.

A soft pastel wall treatment adds dimension while maintaining a clean, minimalist palette.  The addition of sscent pieces of the same hue keeps the tone on the down-low.  It’s inviting not sterile.
The addition of statement furniture in living color, like this yellow chaise, can transform a staid gray space into a lively living space. There no need to break the bank on a full redecoration to create a new vibe.
It’s about the accessories!  Well-placed accent pieces in living colors can transpose any space without busting your budget. Maybe your are unsure about how much color you can really live with. Take baby steps. Pillows, throws, lamps are easy points of entry: low cost, effort, time.


The addition of side chairs in bold colors and Done. No need to replace statement sofa or tables. Patterns and texture chairs can change the vibe of the room. You may already have chairs that only need to be reupholstered.

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