What to do when your best isn’t good enough – Keep It Moving.  When your words are misconstrued and your good deeds misinterpreted – You Keep It Moving.   When you do the right thing and are wronged – just move along.

We all have those days, weeks…months when we feel besieged.  You want to check your back to see if someone wrote “Kick Me” on it.  Then you kind of want to feel sorry for yourself.  Why me?  Stuff happens to the best of us, with the best intentions, in the best of times.  Yeah, but I get it on the regular, you say. I get my share and three others.  Maybe, but what can you do about it – retreat from life; cease all interpersonal interaction; do nothing; say nothing.  That sounds stimulating.  You could make better choices about the company you keep and the situations you place yourself.  This is always true (as I have written about many times), but even still you can’t manage everyone and every situation to your liking.  People are messy, things get messed up and your noble efforts can never change that.

You act on your moral compass because it’s who you are – not because you want to direct another’s behavior.  You do the right thing for you because doing otherwise is not an option.  I vowed years ago to treat people the way I want to be treated.  There have been times I was tested to the limit, and on a few occasions after having my head (okay heart handed to me); I tried to renounce my vow.  I proclaimed I would treat other as they treated me, but it never stood.  That’s just not me.  So, I act with integrity and treat people honestly, and if you don’t reciprocate, then I Keep It Moving.  No judgment, no bad wishes; just time to move on and explore new ground.  There are 7 billion people in the world; you don’t have to stay stuck figuratively or even literally.  Now, if you find yourself repeatedly in the same situations with different people and places, why that’s another post.  But assuming you are not the entire problem (we all play a role in our situations just by participating), keep getting up.

Laugh it off, shop it off; flick it off!  You have so much in your life for which to be grateful.  Focus on that.  We tend to put our energy toward what and who isn’t working right and neglect what is.  It’s like the misbehaving child gets all the attention and the properly behaving one is ignored.  You may feel beaten but you are not broken.  Take stock of who you are and what you have.  Always remain thankful for the basics – your health, sound mind, solid relationships, shelter, a means to an end.

So when life hand you lemon, throw them down!  They are extra weight for you to carry and who needs that.  If life is indeed a journey, you need to travel light.  Take what nourishes and inspires you to Keep It Moving.

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