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Day Trip to Washington, DC

  Washington, DC is rich with bedrocks of democracy, national treasures, world-class museums (many free to the public). There are vibrant neighborhoods, exquisite architecture, and increasingly gastronomic cuisine everywhere you turn. It’s nearly impossible to do DC...

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    Best Wearables 2018 - Smartwatches, Sunglasses

Best Wearables 2018 – Smartwatches, Sunglasses

The Best Wearables 2018 - Smartwatches, Sunglasses, Sound Enhancers are straight out of Sci-Fi. There are Augmented Reality Sunglasses - a sophisticated execution of smart glasses. Think Andy whispering detail information about guests to Miranda in The Devil Wears...

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Aromatherapy Healing Benefits

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapeutic technique that promotes the healing power of essentials oils that are extracted from plants. The application methods vary, some practitioners heat the oil to inhale it, while others massage it into the skin. Aromatherapy has...

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  • New Looks for Activewear Spring 2018
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    New Looks for Activewear Spring 2018

New Looks for Activewear Spring 2018

There is no need to forego fashion for function. Running errands, Running a race, Running late for a date; you can arrive in style with new looks for Activewear Spring 2018. I love pieces that defy category, purpose, or even gender.  I can easily see the bomber...

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