Are you, like me, completely over your bulky, heavy, oh-so-not-stylish laptop case.  I’m on the hunt for designer laptop bags for women because nothing screams utilitarian workhorse like a padded, black case with nylon handles and strap.  Like every one else, I’m on the go all day – and I need my laptop.  Try as might, a tablet and phone cannot do all my data intensive work efficiently, so I have lug around the device.  Mine is lightweight, less than 4 lbs., streamlined, and packs a powerful punch without peripherals.  Still some fashionable totes are not “load bearing”.  And, I have the busted bags with blown out bottoms and stringy straps as exhibits.

This summer I am determined to find a carry-all bag that complements my mood and style.  I want a show horse not workhorse.  A laptop case that makes a statement straight out the gate.  Lean, mean; sleek, chic; efficacious machine. Yeah, that’s the look!

Here a the top contenders:








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