“Living well, justly, and beautifully are all the same thing.”  Socrates – 469-399 BC

Life is short. You only get one.  It sounds trite and we have all heard it a thousand times, but we don’t live as if that’s true.  We put off living this brief, one life until a better one miraculously appears.  Are you self-sabotaging because someday is not today?  Remember, today is the tomorrow you hoped for yesterday.

I want to inspire you, and myself, to live every day gratefully, graciously, and greatly.

Of course, we should dream, aspire, and plan our life’s course.  But future accomplishment (or redemption) should not be our only ambition – and certainly not to the detriment of our present day.  Life cannot be deferred; it’s happening with or without you.  No matter what you have, have had, or never had, you can have engaging, fascinating days right now, where you are, and who you are.

So your life is not what you planned.  Whose is???  I was certain I would marry a high-powered executive, have 2.2 high-achieving kids, head the PTA in the highest sought district, and run a highly successful business – for laugh.  Well, the laugh is on me.  My plan never quite actualized.  Still, whatever my present situation, it beats the alternative; ditto for you.

What is your vision of you once (fill in the blank)?  Are you healthy, happy, confident, daring, loved?  Is it possible you are this person already but too afraid to BE that person?  You have to be a positive active participant in your life.  Hoping, wishing, chanting, visualizing, not even swearing will make it happen.  You have to DO You!

This is not a site of expert advice, sage wisdom, or seven steps to a better anything.  I don’t propose to have all the answers; I’m still figuring it out for myself.  What I offer is a heartfelt desire for you to have a well-lived life – by your own definition.  I only want to encourage, motivate, aspire, light-a-spark by sharing inspiration and entree to engage, embrace, and enjoy every day – Starting Today.


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